Enhancing Athletic Performance Through Optimal Recovery and Genetic Based Nutrition-Healthcare

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  4. Individualized Nutritional Programs & Laboratory Testing
  5. Mind-Body Science: Balance via Spirituality
  6. All Natural Drugless Treatments
  7. Surgical Alternatives for Optimal performance


Functional and Clinical Outcomes of Utilizing of “Orthomolecular” Approaches with the Introduction of a New Acetyl-Glutathione in Olympic athletes

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Topic Examples

Performance Enhancement and Recovery Models

Modern Eastern medicine for athletics

Orthomolecular medicine for athletics

Metabolic optimizations and interventions

Telomerase analysis and assessment monitoring

DNA and oxidation monitoring and premature death prevention

Accelerated Recovery approaches to physical injuries use orthopedic science

Recovery Planning based on Modern Genomics

Hormone Down-Regulation Prevention and endocrine system protections

Dietary planning based on genetics and laboratory analysis


Oncology and Hematology:

Blood Tonics: Botanical prevention of panyctyopenia and anorexia during chemotherapy

Chemotherapy: Mono approaches with botanical agents: Side effect profiles

Angiogenisis: Xue Fu Zhu Ye Tang Jia Jian uses during late stage cancers